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Taizhou Sanjin Die-casting Co., Ltd. founded in 2005 and located in Luqiao district,Taizhou city,Zhejiang province enjoys a superior geographical position, developed transportation means, and deep cultural tradition by being close to No. 104 National Highway, Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Superhighway and a high speed railway, about 8km to Taizhou Huangyan Airport and 5 km to Wenling Railway Station, and 6 km south of the Taizhou South Exit of the said superhighway.
As a professional manufacturer engaged in aluminum alloy die-casting, gravity and low-pressure die-casting, and precision machining, it covers an area of 31000 square meters and has the plant area of 18000 square meters. We with our 10 cold-chamber die-casting production units of 280T-2500T series, 7 gravity and low pressure die-casting machines are capable of producing 12000 tons of precision aluminum alloy die-casting rough and 5000 tons of gravity and low pressure die-casting rough. We also have 40-plus flexible machining units with the digital processing center as the core so as to be able to produce 1million sets annually. Our high quality aluminum alloy products mainly aim at industries requiring high quality aluminum alloy castings such as the automobiles, electronic machines, and telecommunications.
The company in accordance with the requirements of professional production and R&D, is equipped with a complete series of aluminum alloy material experiment equipment, such as 0.15T-1.5T melting furnaces, spectrometers, electronic metallurgical microscope, atomic absorption spectrometer, tensile testing machine, and online hydrogen tester.
The company fully analyzes and inspect precisely the indicators such as the chemical composition, metallurgical organization, mechanical performance, geometrical dimensions, internal defects, surface quality, and pressure-withstand degree of die-castings by using 3-coordinates measuring machines, the real-time X-ray imaging nondestructive testing system, cleanliness detectors, dedicated leak detection machines, dedicated gages, measuring tools, spectrometers, electronic metallurgical microscope, tensile testing machine to lay the solid foundation for the stable and gradual improvement of product quality. Meanwhile, we have established the corresponding quality control system and passed the certification of the ISO/TS16949 and ISO14001.
The company owns an experienced team of management, professional technicians and high-quality staff, with the perfect capacity and experience in rapid development of new product and mass production control. Its software system comprising of CAD、Pro/e、Ug、CATIA and so on is compatible with those used in most China’s and overseas manufacturers. The company has more than 150 staff including 40-plus intermediate and senior technical personnel and has deep cooperation with many domestic university labs. Our lab has advanced technical research, control system.

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